Thursday, June 19, 2014


i thought im gonna have to fight a ridiculous fight over some positive reviews thank God my request for termination accepted... 

i was in singapore when the citylink called to deliver the letter. lol.. told him he doesnt believe me. im NOT in malaysia.. was having a blast somewhere... aaaaaah what a bliss

complimentary everything.. complimentary twg, butler, whats that coffee i forgot the name, complimentary laundry etc... PAID not sponsored. (pun intended) id rather spend the RM600 for extra days in st.regis or pay zakat next week.. i chose the latter (pun intended) 

if i do negative review lain ler.. i did positive and retracting info from the vast free internet.. pffft. no thank you ke apa.. tetiba letter and then summon.. i dont have the luxury of time to go print letters. aint no office at home.. now everything / production moved to keramat. after maliq getting all hyper misplacing things around.

luckily lawyer told me to just give what they want but NOT the money. orang tengah stress dia tambah api mmg statement see u in court je la. ok la he talked to me politely persistently  but i just CANNOT DIGEST the hoo haa  for the positive reviews. orang siap buat resipi share... pfffft 

yeah guess they dont even care about that they just wanna do their job. alas, thank you for doing it. im terminated. weee. GNC works for me too now so yeah.. bye. 


Thursday, May 22, 2014

the effing.....

this blog is for personal rants. NOT in anyway to promote any brand specifically.. isnt it obvious? no? thats a weird assumption. i was just sharing what i found on google & what i experienced..perhaps they can have invest in a way to stop the brand name to ever pops out in google.. or to be fair, call everyone that made reviews too. 

they found my address my phone number.. my intention was just ranting / sharing my experience to share the benefits.. i didnt make any sale at all not a single cent..ever. period.only for personal use.. pfft. 

i was not even a member anymore until i decided to buy the tea bcse i was feeling tired all the time hence renewing the membership..big mistake. i wish i can cancel the renew cancel the purchase and cancel this whole stalking thing. i just hate it when people digs in and find the place i live and my phone number.. breach of personal info. can just email me first to notify than calling. i didnt make any sale at all. thats the funny part. why so serious need letter and all. my agent never told me anything. i was an ex journalist. i know how to do a responsible research and i know freedom of speech and i was sharing general info found literally everywhere on the net and my experience is the truth that its good and the hilarious part is i never said its bad. its good and it works. i was even pregnant. my baby is healthy alhamdulillah and i did well. so whats the commotion? 

ive deleted everything including the badge. ( do stalk and let me know if i missed a post or two) i dont want to have anything to do with it anymore. i can always just try the Lee  thing next

 but before i buy ill make sure to ask this question... would they dig my personal info to reach me if i share good reviews?  if they say yes, they will because i cannot do reviews without their consent then im better off drinking pure coconut oil for the rest of my life. freedom of speech. and im a masscomm graduate. how ironic. hehehee

p/s: wow.. this blog dah byk spiderweb.. lama tak update but the annoyed feeling of people investigating me over some positive reviews (yang i dont even want money pun.. i avoided continuing minum bcse leceh nak blend thats kecik anak sekolah so busy so i gave reasons just to avoid beli because leceh hehe) is very nerve wreckingly, weird. *cricket* 

Friday, December 20, 2013

that thing i thot ive avoided

im having low blood pressure since the last few weeks.. hence the slow insta retis rate and a submarine twitter account. *bluup bluuup* 

pic couldnt be more apt.. elephant and dizzy = me haha

too many datelines and too many late nites and too many early mornings. and i never take naps in between those maddening daily schedule. and being a mom at home  taking care of 2 kids is challenging. with the eldest it was easy because i sent him to the nursery. by night time he's sleepy and will sleep and i get some me time.. just a little. 

now? what me time? LOL. even when they are both asleep, i need to work for some mooooolah. 

but as Bill Haley & His Comets singing it ~ ♪♬  the more i work, the faster my money go ♪♬ 

i still have that light headed thing in random environment / situation.. even sitting down.. u know that feeling..feels like ur eyes are twisted. but not to the extent of passing out. i feel weng. my head and body feel like they're not aligned lol. 

and to date till march... we still have tons to do... those books.. tiring books and some poster and tees for some events including the surfer's thing in feb. 

rezeki kids.. i truly feels so. but if this light headed thing wont heal next month, i may need MRI. lol ok perhaps not.. just more blood tests. 

im seeing double as im typing using mobile blogger now. gila la if tak risau kan.. haha see how. my back and knee also suffer in this bipolar weather.. geez i feel like im already 60. *weeep* 

*tapi hidup lebih aman now since she's gone.. but dunno for how long.... can the company just make it forever? theeheehee 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

feeling for bluey

i saw i touched and i left LOL

will find vintage / pre loved blue / navy 

cant wear late mil's still. im not convince i have the look / elegance to do em justice just yet..  

Thursday, November 28, 2013

cleaning up

well ive been cleaning up my social pages and they include my twitter & instagram account. 

footnote: not that i have many anyway hahaha

 my stalker alert alarm is blaring lately

either ive blocked totally or doing the not wanting to be rude method i unfollowed them and just let them follow me instead lol 

yeah yeah to each their own but ive never fancied stalkers anyway. haha ever. period. stalkers on my social pages to me are those who know me & NOT strangers. 

those who are active updating everyday yet not a single hello or replied a like. 

read : CHOOSE. :) 


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