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Remember, remember : Malcolm in The Middle

Remember this sitcom? The reason tv made my day wayyyyyy back then, there was no astro. We only have the then hip and different NTV7....

....this sitcom made my weekdays. Looking forward to each and every day for the next episode ( the habit continued for how i met your mother - but its pretty easy to just buy the dvd collection. The excitement is pretty less than malcolm)

It was just me and my sister or sometimes me alone laughing like drunk hyenas for Malcolm,Dewey and Hal. My favorite characters. Then Lois and the rest of the brothers and friends.

I must say Lois is one hell of a character.she brought life to the sitcom accompanied with 1 lunatic, crazily funny husband and 4 denise-the-menace sons. Her ear-numbing high pitch yell and incessant babbling with the huge eyeballs roll.. She's a legend.

......yada yada...flash forward to 2012, behold your breath, here's what they look like...(stop drooling for frankie muniz already....puasa, haip)


Frankie Muniz a.k.a Malcolm now 27, is a race car driver.

Muniz's career in car racing traces back to 2005.In January 2007, he placed second at the Sebring Winter National race.At the end of the 2008 season, he won the Jovy Marcelo Award, an award for sportsmanship voted on by fellow drivers named in memory of the 1991 Atlantic Championship winner who was killed during practice for the 1992 Indianapolis 500.

Erik Per Sullivan a.k.a Dewey is now 21. He speaks fluent swedish. He is swedish after all, but was naturalized as a US citizen in 2007.

In 2005, he joined co-star Jane Kaczmarek (Lois) in writing the afterword to a children’s book called Together, which shows the importance of livestock in the world, and was inspired by the mission of the nonprofit charitable organization Heifer International.

Good boy. Not that retardedly naughty in real life..phew...his poopie dance haunts me.hahaha.i love yew dewey.


Justin Tyler Berfield a.k.a Reese is now 26 ( yep, he played the 2nd big brother to Malcolm when in fact he is younger =p ..the height factor i guess )

He became the youngest actor in screen history to have appeared in 100 episodes of two different TV series.His first long-running TV role was as Ross Malloy in Unhappily Ever After (1995–1999).

In 2001, he served as a National Youth Ambassador for Ronald McDonald House Charities, in which he participated for 3 years until turning 18. He has been active with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and most recently Virgin Unite, the charitable arm of Virgin Group.

He's not that evily menace real life..But Malcolm the bullied nerdy boy turns out to be little naughty as he and his publicist girlfriend had a nasty brawl somewhere last few years.


Christopher Kennedy Masterson a.k.a Francis now 32 leads a quiet life from limelight.

He is a scientologist and invested in a restaurant together with his brother who is also a scientologist.

Last seen as a guest role on the new TBS series Men at Work as a concierge named Archie.

Jane Frances Kaczmarek a.k.a Lois now 57. Still stunning.

TV Guide dubbed her role in the series as a "true breakout; a female Homer Simpson", and critics hailed her for her comic roles.

Since 2011, she has appeared on Whitney as Whitney's mother. An american sitcom.


Bryan Lee Cranston a.k.a Hal now 56 turns out gangsta. Lol. Nah, only for his role in Breaking Bad. A serious kick-**s role and a far cry from being the sometimes dysfunctional but loving Hal.

He actually directed several episodes of the sitcom and received three Emmy nominations for his performance on the show.

Last seen as the mayor in the Rock of Ages movie and he also lends his voice to Vitaly the tiger (Madagascar 3 movie character)

James and Lukas Rodriguez a.k.a Jamie are now 8. Not much info on this twin. They played dewey's lil' brother in rotation i suppose.haha.

This baby is a challenge for Lois as she is struglling to cope. But its because reese fed jamie 3 cans of kapow soda everyday. Half can was enough to drive anyone nuts. Evil reese. =p Jamie even tried to kill Lois with a huge shelf. Hyper soda crazy. Hahaha



♪♬♭♬♪ Yes no maybe... I dont know..can you repeat the question...ure not the boss of me noww..ure not the boss of me now....and ure not so is unfairrrrrrrrrrr ♪♬♭♬♪

Remember that rebellious song? Hehehe..

One of my favorite episode is when Hal teaching Malcolm how to rollerskate. I can have a laughing fit watching. Who doesnt? With Hal crazy antics dancing to the 70's funkytown beat, little Malcolm (he's still small at that time..its the first few episodes during season 1) watching in disbelief then later forced to copy each and every move..the annoying and the horror embarrassed look on his face, was epic.

Cant find the clips...just pictures..haha..this doesnt do have to watch it in action.

But anyway....enjoy this video tribute to dewey's undeniably stone yet hilariously funny antics. He has that naive look but can be deadly menace and annoying. His screams and his rotating on the floor strike, wanting attention..another legend. =D

Oh by the way, you might want to turn the volume down during the intro. You have been warned. =p

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The sitcom ends in 2006 after 6 years of airtime. Malcolm enters Harvard, Lois and Hal struggle to find finance aid. Reese lands a job as assistant janitor. Francis turns up with grandma,Ida. Dewey continues school and Lois found out she's pregnant, again. LOL. And their dysfunctional life goes on......I miss this sitcom. *sigh*


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  1. That is such a brilliant post, thank you so much for writing it! Malcolm in the middle remains one my favorite sitcoms and I am actually rewatching it at the moment. :)


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