• Tolga Elbaşı

First Route: Cape Town

Hi, today I would like to tell you about my latest trip route. I went to the Republic of South Africa before coronavirus in January. I spent more than one week there.

Our first city is Cape Town. Before beginning the travel, I desire to share something that I fancied at the airport. There is a library which is free to take books but only with a rule. If you take a book from there, you have to donate a book too. It is a very encouraging thing for readers. After this moment, let's start our travel.

We started our tour with a quick panoramic look before going to the hotel. Our panoramic tour includes the city center, statehouse, the castle of good hope, Reibeck Statue, and Adderly street is our first sights. You can see Nelson Mandela's statue in front of the statehouse.

Our bus stops in front of the Company's Garden. It is a beautiful green area to see in Cape Town. There are varieties of flowers and plants. Our guide gives us some information about the importance of person figures in the garden. For example, Cecil John Rhodesis one of them. I saw lots of people who exercise in there then I asked it to our guide. The guide said that South African people are very sportive people.

You can see a mother with a newborn baby while walking. It is interesting information about citizens. Then we went to Schotsche Kloof on our bus. It is a place that you can see the Muslim tradition. Also, this place is known for its colorful structures.

Lastly, we finish our first-day trip with Water Front.

Before our dinner, we went to our hotel to place. As our guide suggestion, we called Uber to go to Water Front. In my humble opinion, Uber is the best way to travel in the city. Taxis are very expensive and also they can extend the way to get more money from you.

Water Front is a beautiful place to enjoy the sunshine and to eat. It is a very big shopping mall and a place of entertainment. We tried seafood in a restaurant called Ocean Basket. It was delicious so, I recommend you to eat. For dessert, we bought a Krispy Creme donuts. You can enjoy them while watching a soccer match on the Water Front or watching dance&music shows.

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