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New or Old Inventions by Bora Baykal

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

From the title, you may not be able to get the idea of what this writing is about. However, I will try to explain different perspectives about this argument.

First of all, let’s think about the basic phone that Alexander Graham Bell invented in 1876 and have a look at the phones that we are using today. As you can obviously see that today’s phones are more sophisticated and complicated than the very first ones. Then here is the question. Which of the following things is much harder and useful considering the development of technology: Inventing the very first samples of a new thing or having something invented before and developing it (adding some new features…).

Of course, today’s technological devices are incredibly useful and most people say they cannot imagine a life without them. However, this is a very ongoing argument for a long time. In order to explain this situation more properly, I would like to go through some opinions about this dilemma. We have talked about the phone example before so I am going to give another example. Let’s have a very first car or even the basic wheel. Nowadays we drive cars and use all sorts of transportations. Even we are imagining a new phase the flying cars. Now think about the evolution of these automobiles. The automobile that Carl Benz made in the 1880s is accepted as the first automobile. It is, of course, incomparable with recent cars. However, it was the one that inspired the others and helped them to improve it. What do you think is the key feature here? Creating something new without having samples of it or developing it a lot (think about cars and phones through time) and adding some new and sophisticated features.

I really wonder about your opinions about this topic. You can write your comments on our twitter account https://twitter.com/Write_Addict and on the comment sections in our blog. This is Part 1 of this topic and Part 2 will come soon. In Part 2, I will state my opinion about this topic and have some examples about it. Hope you enjoy it !!!!

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