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Restart of Laliga by Berke Gonulalan

La Liga has started with a lot of excitement and wonder. Who is gonna win this prestigious league’s title? There are a lot of candidates, but Barça and Real Madrid seemed a little bit stronger and hungry for this reward, so they are the main contestants. However, there are still pretty strong teams like Atletico Madrid and Sevilla. Therefore all the football fans hold their breath and enjoy this competitive league.


Before the pandemic, Barcelona didn’t seem to be a really strong team. Messi tried to carry them, and he was successful most of the time. However, Messi couldn’t do that all his own. He needed his teammates, but most of them failed miserably. After the Pandemic, we saw quite a different Barcelona and team mentality. The injured footballers have recovered and ready to help Messi. Their first game is against Mallorca which is not the best team. They are placed 18th in La Liga. However it might be a good warm-up for Barcelona, and it did actually. They beat Mallorca by 0-4 and Messi did a quite good job with one goal and two assists. After that, they played their second game against Leganes. They the last place team, so it wasn’t hard for Barcelona again. They beat Leganes by 2-0, and Messi and Ansu Fati scored these goals, also Barcelona kept cleansheets 3 matches in a row, which is first in this season. They are currently sitting at the first place with 61 points, and their next match is against Sevilla, and hopefully, it will be a good test for Barça players.

Real Madrid:

Real Madrid faced with Eibar which is currently at 16th place in La Liga. For the first half of the match Real Madrid dominated Eibar. They had pure defense and they took an early lead: 3-0. However, the second half was the opposite of the first half. Eibar put pressure to Real Madrid, and make them attack less and defend a lot. Eibar had opportunities to tie the game up. They missed a lot of chances. At the 60th minute of the match, Pedro Bigas scored a lucky goal. He shot the ball and it hit his teammate and changed position so that Courtois couldn’t do anything. Although Eibar is not the hardest team, Real Madrid actually sweated a lot more than expected. This night Real has a match against Valencia which is a tough team. Hopefully, Real Madrid will show their real power in this match.

Atletico Madrid:

Atletico Madrid is having a weird season. They are sitting at the 4th place in La Liga which is not bad, but they have more draws than the wins this season(12-13). However, they eliminated one of the strongest teams in the world, Liverpool in the champions league. They couldn’t start the league as they expected. They played against Athletic Bilbao, which a decent team. They had a draw again at this match, and players performans didn’t satisfy the fans. However, they found themself against Osasuna. They played an amazing game and take the 3 points by stunning 5-0. There are a lot of positive things about this game. However, for me the biggest happiness for Atletico is Joa Felix’s performance. They paid 120 million euros for this young talent, but they couldn’t find what they’ve expected throughout this season. In this match I think he gave the signals that he will prove himself to this club.

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