• Tolga Elbaşı

The Futures' of Soccer Leagues After Coronavirus

This pandemic has lots of effects on our social life. Lots of sports tournaments have been paused during this time by federations. Lots of European and American soccer leagues are too have canceled by federations. Today we are going to talk about 9 of them. These are MLS(Major League Soccer), Turkish Super League-that I know more about-, Chinese Super League, Dutch Eredivisie, French Ligue 1, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, and the final one English Premier League.

MLS league has had a break after the coronavirus. All of the teams will start their training on the 15th of May again. Some of the teams started their training this week. The transfer window has also placed on an indefinite date. It should be on the 5th of May. The reporters have mentioned that the league will open again at least on the 8th of June.

Turkish Super League will start on the 12th of June. Some teams are anxious about the league. The teams who are struggling to take the title, support this decision. Teams must discharge a debt. It is an enormous issue for them.

Chinese Super League is one of the leagues which paused because of coronavirus. They are planning to start the league in June or July according to Goal.

Dutch Eredivisie is the first league that announced the champion before finishing the league. Ajax has confirmed as the champion of 2020 Eredivisie. League is not going to play the rest matches.

French Ligue 1 has also announced the champion. France has affected a lot by the coronavirus. Social life almost stopped. They didn't want to play the rest of the league.

Italian Serie A teams are restarting their training on the 15th of May. The minister of youth and sports Vincenzo Spadafora has said that it is difficult to continue the rest of the league.

German Bundesliga is starting on the 16th of May. Matches will play without spectators. Teams restarted their training a few weeks ago. Bundesliga will be the first league that will restart after coronavirus.

Spanish La Liga is starting on the 12th of June, as same as the Turkish Super League. All of the teams agreed about this decision. They plan to finish the league in July.

The last league that we will talk about is the English Premier League. The government foresees that the Premier League can begin in June. It will play without spectators. There are some speculations about it will start on the 12th of June. Also, there are suggestions as play derby matches in neutral stadiums. Today I have talked about the futures of some leagues in the world. I hope you like it. Have a good week.

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