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What are the reasons for the collapse of Barcelona? by unknown8139

Updated: May 6, 2020

Barcelona... The club that is the dream for every player and nightmare for every opponent. First, I want to take you back to the year 2009. The start of tiki-taka. Barcelona won 14 titles with Guardiola in just 4 seasons. However, after Guardiola’s leave, Barça wasn’t ready to replace him. Therefore they had 2 rough seasons after that. In 2015 they found the savior: Luis Enrique. They had a perfect season and won the treble which means they won the league, Copa del Rey, and Champions League. After that season they started to slow down once again. Today, 2020 season, maybe we have witnessed one of the worst Barça in last 15 years. What is really happening with Barça? Is it about the mentality, or is the king of Barcelona, Messi, slowing down? Maybe it is about the bad defense Barça has. Today, hopefully, I am going to answer all these questions.

Main reasons: Firstly, Barcelona gave once last chance to Ernesto Valverde at the start of the season. However, he couldn’t use that opportunity, and he was fired. He was blamed for the bad football of Barcelona, so everything was fixed after he’s gone right? NO. Quique Setién became the new manager of Barcelona. Barcelona started to play slightly better, but the fans didn’t see the impact they expected. Therefore, that shows that the manager is not actually the main reason. Yes, I agree that Valverde was not the type of coach Barça needed. The thing I am trying to say is he was not the only problem. The problem starts with the defense. Barça has very good names like Pique, Umtiti, Lenglet, and Alba. However, they are not as good as they used to be. I don’t even want to remind you guys the 4-0 Liverpool nightmare. The defense was very good at defending Origi right? Also, the Barcelona defense can only send the ball to the midfielders, when there is no pressure from the opponent. On the other hand what will happen if they send it to the midfielders? Actually nothing, if Messi doesn’t drop back. Barça is playing with De Jong, Busquets, and Arthur Melo mainly. However, Sergio and Frankie both are defensive midfielders. Only player who can open the game is Arthur. That’s why there is no creative action going on in the midfield position. That’s why Messi is even dropping back to the defense to take the ball and create chances, and probably many people know that Barcelona without Messi being in forward is nothing. Suarez’s injury made the situation even worse. Also, Messi had an injury and played all the games like that as two important forwards Dembele and Suarez were injured.

Conclusion: As you can see Messi is not slowing down, actually the team is. The team needs young, dynamic, and creative players. As Messi is 32 now, he can not play all the games throughout the whole season. Nobody can replace him, but even a decent substitute can make a big difference in Barcelona. With a decent team and with the help of the GOAT, Barcelona can make their Champions League dream come true.

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